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What we do

Vermiculus’ products are built using state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled market expertise, and a unique microservice architecture. Powered by AI and cloud native, the microservice architecture allows for unequalled system flexibility and scalability making it possible for large and complex systems to keep up with the pace of the market and business developments.



Vermiculus’ trading solution is built around performance, robustness, and flexibility in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the market and its participants. By targeting future needs of the market, the trading solution responds to increased volume while maintaining sturdiness and efficiency. 

Real-time clearing

Vermiculus offers an adaptive, multi-asset microservice-based clearing platform VeriClear, performing event-driven actions and real-time risk calculations. With its flexible microservice architecture, the platform allows for unmatched scalability and modularity for top performance and security, whilst maintaining usability through a comprehendible user interface.

Risk management

Vermiculus’ CCP risk management system is tailored to the unique requirements of modern central counterparties. Both functions and reliability are designed to excel in the climate of the increased challenges of changing regulatory frameworks as well as market requirements.

CSD system

The Vermiculus CSD system is based on the VeriClear platform, designed to meet the demands of exceptionally high volumes with fully optimized financial instruments and complex corporate actions. By using a microservice architecture, the system enables full efficiency whilst remaining reliable and robust.

Unique to you and forever adaptable

Customer first. Always.

Our mission is to solve the complex challenges exchanges, clearing houses, and CSDs face, from resolving technical impossibilities to adapting regulatory framework. Based on a strong and continuously updated product, the solutions are customized for each project and client to fully tailor to unique business requirements and challenges.

We utilize an agile project method with continuous deliveries throughout the project to create optimal conditions for integration and adaptation. Each project has a dedicated cross-functional team with close communication and cooperation with the client in order to answer to each need.

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