Get to know Vermiculus

About us

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Vermiculus began its operations in 2020 with the mission to revolutionize the clearing, trading and CSD market with the most modern, flexible, and business enhancing systems yet. This has been made possible by it being home to some of the world’s most experienced software architects and product experts of the field.

The company is built on a strong foundation of advanced technology, deep business knowledge and insight, and an agile delivery model. Altogether, they form the pillars for continuous successful deliveries of the most powerful state-of-the-art systems on the market, on time and on budget. 


Vermiculus’ employees are its greatest asset – and its majority owners. Many of our team members have been pioneers of technical paradigm shifts for the financial industry, allowing exchanges and clearing houses to reach record levels of volumes and business diversity. This is a legacy we are continuing and aim even higher.

The team also has extensive knowledge of running complex and high-stakes projects on-time, whilst always keeping the client’s requirements and business top of mind. By working with the client as an extension of the team with an agile project method, communication, and mutual understanding leads to highly tailored, exceptionally efficient, and robust systems.