May 2024

Vermiculus' New Office at Mäster Samuelsgatan

Welcome to Vermiculus' new office in the heart of the city, located in the modern Klara Zenit building at Mäster Samuelsgatan 60. This strategically situated building near T-Centralen offers excellent accessibility for both employees and visitors, along with its own bicycle garage for those who cycle. After several months of planning, construction and hard work, we finally moved in on April 8th, and now we've been here for almost two months. 

The new office spans over 1800 square meters and required extensive planning and effort to get everything ready for the move-in. The driving forces behind this major relocation and renovation project were Vermiculus' office managers, Julia Hadmark and Helena Röjgren. Their vision and dedication went far beyond just the move – they were also responsible for the tasteful interior design, visual details, and meticulous planning that together created an outstanding result.  

In hindsight, how was it leading this project?  

Julia and Helena: It was intense but enjoyable! Looking back, I believe the project's success stemmed from our shared vision and alignment on how we wanted it to look. We were constantly exchanging links from auction sites like Blocket and Bukowski, day and night, during those weeks. It was our first venture in creating our very own Vermiculus home, and we didn't take any shortcuts. 

A larger office not only means more hours of planning but also large spaces to fill and many rooms to decorate. To create a creative atmosphere and keep costs down, a lot of time was spent finding unique furniture and decorative items second-hand. Julia, who has been with Vermiculus since the beginning, had a vision of creating an inviting and homely environment.  

Where did you draw inspiration from when you started planning the new office?  

Julia: I drew inspiration mainly from my own home. I incorporated many of the colors and pieces of furniture that I have in my house in Nacka. Throughout the decision-making process, I consistently asked myself: "would I choose this for my home?". Additionally, I found inspiration from my friends' homes, and public places, and one of the conference rooms pays homage to the restaurant Riche Fenix on Götgatan. 

To create a harmonious work environment, great care was taken in choosing the right colors and materials for both walls and floors. The walls are painted in natural and earthy tones, and the entire office floor is covered with a greige carpet. To enhance the cozy feeling, all windows are adorned with sheer curtains, walkways are covered with rustic rag rugs, and the walls are decorated with oil paintings.  

Are there any specific second-hand finds that you are particularly proud of? 
Helena: It's tough to narrow down! We've scoured through a variety of places – from thrift stores to antique boutiques, even companies specializing in business and individual reuse. Personally, I've focused more on furniture while Julia has delved into art. Throughout the office, we've adorned the walls with around 50 paintings sourced from flea markets. Among the many favorites, our standout discoveries include the grand burgundy sofa in the lobby, and the two glass-blown wall fixtures in one of the meeting rooms – these are two pieces I wouldn't hesitate to have in my own home. 

This office space is the fifth one and marks another milestone for Vermiculus, and reflects on the swift expansion since the start in 2020. This growth is a testament to Vermiculus' commitment to its team, emphasizing the importance of a creative and harmonious workplace for fostering innovation and efficiency. Julia and Helena found it important to create different zones for work, relaxation, and social interaction. Every meeting room has a unique style, incorporating elements such as Persian rugs, soft swivel chairs, and flowerpot lamps hanging above the meeting tables. For those who need to unwind, there is a relaxation room with a view over the rooftops on Bryggaregatan, as well as small soundproof rooms with comfortable armchairs, with or without windows. A significant part of Vermiculus' culture is the open and inviting spaces for social interaction. One of the two wings of the office features a ping pong table along with a large sofa area for cheering colleagues. The dining area is spacious and airy, accommodating the entire company for lunches, Monday meetings, or after-work gatherings.  

The newly renovated office is a place where every detail has been thoughtfully designed to create a pleasant working environment. By choosing second-hand furniture, natural colors and material, and plenty of art, Vermiculus has built a workplace to be incredibly proud of will enjoy as our home for a long time to come.