September 2023

Versatile Days at the Vermiculus Days

Days filled with insights, discussions, and loads of fun!

The Vermiculus Days, the annual team-building conference held on September 6th and 7th, served as an inspiring hub of strategy discussions and future visions. The event plays a pivotal role in the development of Vermiculus as it amplifies and encourages everyone’s voice to be heard in the shaping, running, and continuation of the company. Beyond this, it offers the diverse teams a splendid opportunity to connect on a deeper level and have a great time together.

At the top of the agenda this year, there were talks and discussion about the structure of the company which are to be further streamlined. Just as Vermiculus’ products embody the height of efficiency, ensuring the same for operations has emerged as a paramount objective, particularly as Vermiculus continues to flourish. The key is to create the right conditions for growth and expansion, such as having solid individual support for all team members, nurturing development, and cultivating a feedback culture.

This growth can be clearly seen in the number of employees Vermiculus have had the pleasure to welcome since last year’s Vermiculus Days. Many new team members have since joined the company, with both seasoned field experts as well as emerging talents all poised to steer the technological frontier.

“I am so proud of how fast Vermiculus has grown without sacrificing even an ounce of quality – but even adding to it. We are also very much looking forward to all the new team members lined up to join us this fall. Growing in numbers, growing in excellence.”

– Taraneh Derayati, CEO of Vermiculus

Additionally, there were also discussions that explored how Vermiculus' cutting-edge technology, adaptable solutions, and internal structure distinguish the company from other financial IT vendors. Discussions were held to truly expound the factors that make Vermiculus unique and attractive to clients. While these elements are the bedrock of Vermiculus' identity, it's essential to continually emphasize and elaborate on them to reinforce the company's distinctive position in the market.

During the conference, Vermiculus also welcomed guest speakers of the highest caliber, namely their clients. Douglas M. Schafer Jr., Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at MIH and Randy Foster, Senior Vice President of Business Systems Development at MIAX, joined online all the way from Princeton, USA, speaking about the journey of the successful partnership and the recent deployment of Vermiculus’ clearing system which was delivered with the highest quality in record time. Later, Pedro Meduna, co-founder and partner at L4 of Brazil joined in person and held an insightful talk on their investment in Vermiculus and the aligning forwards-driven values. A strong trust is created by transparency and continuous communication, and it is therefore vital for Vermiculus to always bring in the client perspective as a main focal point.

The conference is not all business of course, but also had time for social activities enjoyed together. This year, the activities were in the spirit of honoring mental and physical health in the form of an array of physical activities such as swimming in the lake, running, and kayaking.

The Vermiculus Days were a remarkable blend of strategic discussions, client insights, and an abundance of fun-filled moments. It embodies the very essence of Vermiculus which is committed to fostering growth, nurturing talents, and maintaining unwavering quality. As Vermiculus continues to expand and welcome new team members, dedication to excellence remains unaltered. The presence of esteemed guest speakers and the invaluable client perspective further solidified the commitment to transparency and communication. The Vermiculus Days proved once again that success is not just about business; it's about building a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant Vermiculus community.