March 2024

Stay forefront of the industry with a hackathon

In the dynamic realm of technology, innovation serves as the driving force that enables organizations to keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Unleashing innovation 

Vermiculus believes in fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. They are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. By creating an internal hackathon, CleVerHack, the Vermiculus team had to collaborate to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions. 

A hackathon is an intensive, time-bound event where developers and other tech enthusiasts work persistently for usually 24 to 48 hours to find solutions or develop new projects. By organizing CleVerHack, Vermiculus created a space for rapid ideation and prototyping, encouraging the team to be creative and experiment with different concepts. 

The impact of hackathons 

Creating a hackathon can serve multiple purposes. Intensive work promotes teamwork and brings together diverse skill sets and cross-functional collaboration, which is key in the tech industry. A hackathon creates a space for developers to unleash their creativity and explore innovative ideas that could lead to the development of new features for the organization’s products and services. 

"Organizing a hackathon is also aimed at boosting morale and engagement within the workplace. By creating this shared experience, the team can build stronger relationships and develop innovative ideas, leading to a positive impact on the work environment and company culture." Adilson Maria, Project Manager for CleVerHack and Developer at Vermiculus.

Adilson Maria, Developer at Vermiculus

The CleVerHack experience at Vermiculus 

In the span of 24 hours, dressed in customized CleVerHack t-shirts and fueled by food and beverages, Vermiculus created an unforgettable experience. While primarily focused on development, the hackathon embraced diversity, featuring projects like "VERy MIraCULoUS IPA" and "Selling VeriClear like hot cakes" that enhanced sales materials and team interactions.

Notable technical innovations that were made during CleVerHack was the winning "tami-tool", innovated by developers Karin Andersson and Peter Eriksson. They identified a problem with testing the functionality when working with a FIXML API and created a tool for efficient testing. 

“It was fun to take part in the hackathon and work together on this project. It is great to be able to create dynamic groups that can focus on specific areas during a limited time. We are also happy that the new tool was received so well and has already been used a lot.” Karin Andersson & Peter Eriksson, Developers at Vermiculus. 

Karin Andersson & Peter Eriksson, Developers at Vermiculus

The fate of each project depends on feedback and maturity, with some immediately integrated into daily operations and others slated for further development in subsequent hackathons or broader project scopes. The hackathon not only fostered creativity but also solidified Vermiculus' commitment to ongoing innovation and collaboration. Looking ahead, Vermiculus plans to host CleVerHack again, aiming to engage all departments and encourage a blend of development and non-development projects.

“Our plan is to do this twice a year, to continue stimulating our colleagues to innovate, to build something new and different, and of course, to have fun.” Adilson Maria, Project Manager for CleVerHack and Developer at Vermiculus