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January 2022

2021: A Retrospective from Vermiculus’ CEO

What an unbelievable year. 

Looking back at 2021, I am extremely proud and impressed, but not surprised, by what the Vermiculus team has achieved. Then again, we all know that a hand-picked team of ambitious and knowledgeable people working in organized teams with clear goals can bring true innovation and show impressive results.  

Being a noticeably young company with no legacy code – only tons of experience – has brought many fun and exciting challenges as well as opportunities for us.  

This year we have…  

  • Grown and on-boarded many experts in our industry, 
  • Served our existing customers with high-quality, on-time deliveries 
  • Gained several new customers who are looking for modern systems based on microservices and AI 
  • Had fun and inspiring teambuilding events 
  • Had our product gaining recognition and we have made many years’ progresses in just one thanks to our architecture and design 
  • Experienced that the market is more curious about us than ever before  
  • Still not met any customers face to face since start 
  • Strengthened our good financials with continued positive cashflow and profit   
  • And so much more 

We have been able to reach our goals and above thanks to our dedicated and motivated team as well as our true agile way of working.  

I am proud to be a part of Vermiculus and our outstanding team which has driven our success. To see the developments and huge strides we have made in such a short amount of time inspires me to aim even higher. And higher we go. 

Next year we are looking forward to working with new customers and continuing delivering to our current customers. We are set on the course towards further growth whilst advancing our product offerings. For our outstanding team, we will continue creating a challenging environment for high performers, of which we want to welcome more. We are also moving into our new offices shortly! 

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to you who have followed along this journey and invite you to continue following Vermiculus journey in 2022.

– Taraneh Derayati, CEO